Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is a unified city-borough in Alaska.

The ProposalEdit

Andrew Paxton's family live in Sitka and they own many of the businesses. As a result, they are quite rich. Another citizen, Ramone, works as a minister, waiter, stripper and store clerk.


  • Sitka is a real location.
  • Nowhere does it list Alaska as an actual film location. The film was actually filmed in Boston and on Boston's North Shore. In one of the scenes, you can see the famous Rockport icon, "Motif No.1", the little red shack famous for being a subject of many famous painters' and photographers' work. Snow-capped mountains (or any mountains, for that matter) are nowhere to be found on the North Shore. Those were added in digitally.
  • There is a real waiter in Sitka, Alaska named Ramone