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Ramone strips for Margaret.

Ramone is an omnipresent citizen of Sitka who holds many jobs. He is seen as a waiter, male stripper, a store clerk, and even as a minister. He is also an illegal immigrant. ==Notable Relationships== ===Citizens of Sitka=== Ramone is very well known and well liked by the citizens of Sitka, particularily for his stripping. Even Annie went on stage with him while he stripped.

===Margaret Tate=== Although Ramone took an instant liking to Margaret, Margaret is not too fond of Ramone. When Annie and Grace brought her to a strip club, she was brought on stage with a veil where he stripped for her and got her to smack his ass. He worked as a waiter, a store clerk that sold her a phone, a stripper and a minister for her wedding with Andrew. Ramone stripped for her, sold her a phone and almost married her and Andrew. When interviewed abut her, he said "You can tell she's a good dancer by the way she drinks her soda pop.".