Annie Paxton

Portrayed by Betty White

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Annie Paxton
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Family members
Joe Paxton (son)
Grace Paxton (daughter in-law)
Andrew Paxton (grandson)
Kevin (dog)


Annie Paxton (more commonly known as Gammy) is the ninety year old grandmother of Andrew Paxton.

Notable RelationshipsEdit


Gammy and Kevin the dog are very close, she and Andrew care for him the most.

Andrew PaxtonEdit

Gammy disapproves of Joe and Andrew fighting, and forces them to reconcile after faking a heart attack after Margaret leaves the ceremony. Thinking she is dying, both Andrew and Joe agree.

Grace PaxtonEdit


Gammy and Grace.

Annie and Grace are best friends, begging to hear the story of the proposal, taking Margaret stripping and dress fitting.

Margaret TateEdit


Annie and Margaret.

After recovering from the initial shock of Margaret's age, Gammy took a liking to Margaret, convincing her to open up and be comfortable with Andrew's family. She ordered Andrew to kiss her, took her to a strip club, thanked nature with her while break dancing and gave her a dress and necklace that was in the family for generations. Even after the truth about the engagement came out, Annie stayed on good terms with Margaret as she knew she loved Andrew, Margaret continued to wear the necklace.


  • Grandma Annie: (upon being introduced to Margaret) Do you prefer Margaret or "Satan's Mistress"?
  • Grandma Annie: (to the MedEvac pilot when he refuses to take her to the airport) Don't make me call your mother!

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